Pedestrian Accidents

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur when a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian. This can cause serious injuries, and in some cases, fatalities. In such cases, the driver may be held liable for the accident. If they were driving under the influence or speeding, or were negligent, they may be liable for the injuries or death of the pedestrian.

Pedestrian accidents can be construed as negligence

In some cases, pedestrians may share some of the legal fault for an accident. This type of negligence is known as contributory negligence. Personal Injury Attorney In these cases, the pedestrian cannot recover unless she is partially at fault. There are exceptions to this rule, however.

Pedestrian accidents are caused by distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents. It makes it difficult for drivers to react to an emergency and can also lead to collisions. Distracted drivers are less likely to see pedestrians and can be more likely to speed or use other distractions. This is why it is so important to obey the laws of the road and to never drive while distracted.

Pedestrian accidents are caused by poor visibility

A lack of visibility is a leading cause of pedestrian accidents. This is especially true during dusk or dawn when visibility is extremely poor. When weather conditions like this are present, pedestrian accidents increase, and motorists have to drive cautiously to avoid pedestrian collisions. Wear high visibility clothing and avoid crossing roads during poor visibility to reduce your risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Pedestrian accidents cause broken bones

Broken bones are one of the most common injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents. Broken bones may be in any part of the body and can be extremely painful and require a lengthy recovery time. Depending on the circumstances, a broken bone can also cause long-term physical and psychological damage. Broken bones generally occur because of direct impact or intense pressure.

Pedestrian accidents cause brain injuries

Pedestrian accidents can result in serious head trauma, which is often debilitating and sometimes fatal. The trauma often results from a pedestrian being hit from behind. Pedestrians who are hit from behind have the lowest chance of survival. In addition to being injured physically, brain trauma can also cause psychological effects such as flashbacks and sleep disorders.

Pedestrian accidents cause paralysis

Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries to the legs and arms. Those injuries often require amputation, and paralysis can result. The victim must seek medical attention immediately after the accident to make sure there are no lasting effects.

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