Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking While I Drive

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking While I Drive?

Imagine this: you’re driving down your usual commute to work, when you notice your steering wheel start to shake. A shaking steering wheel can be a cause of worry for many vehicle owners.Getting to the bottom of why your steering wheel is shaking can make it easier for an auto shop technician to provide the most efficient solutions. Here are a few reasons why your steering wheel may be shaking when you operate your vehicle.

Unbalanced Tires

Tires that are out of alignment or balance can be the main reason why your steering wheel is shaking. You may not notice your steering wheel is shaking due to unbalanced tires until you are reaching higher speeds, such as those around 50 mph and higher. You will have to check whether your tires are inflated, and if they are worn unevenly. When it comes to unbalanced tires, the best thing you can do is take your vehicle to a professional auto shop.

Warped/Worn Brake Rotors

A shaking steering wheel can also boil down to worn brake rotors. If this is the case, you will also feel vibrations when you step on the brake pedal. Your brake rotors may be giving your vehicle issues if they weren’t installed properly, or the brake pads can’t clamp together efficiently. If there is something going on with your brake rotors, you don’t want to delay a single minute in taking your vehicle down to your trusted auto shop for inspection.

Suspension Problems

Another common reason for a shaking steering wheel is suspension problems. Suspension problems develop slowly over time, so you will not notice them until they are causing significant issues, such as a shaking steering wheel. Loose tie rod ends and ball joints will also begin to make subtle noises when going over bumps. These parts are also responsible for connecting the steering system, which is why a shaky steering wheel may be caused by suspension wear. Suspension problems can be avoided by taking your car for regular maintenance services. However, if your suspension system is suffering from an issue, it is best to visit an auto shop soon for repairs.

Need a Redlands Auto Shop For Your Shaking Steering Wheel?

A shaking steering wheel can be an immediate cause for concern! There can be a variety of reasons why your steering wheel is shaky, so the best thing you can do is take your vehicle to a trusted auto shop for inspection and further solutions. One of these reasons can be suspension problems that may develop from lack of maintenance services, which is why you should be taking your car into regular maintenance appointments as well!

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