Best Padlocks

The World’s Best Padlocks

Best Padlocks

There are many different types of padlocks available. The type of padlock you choose will depend on the purpose of the lock. Generally, pressed steel or solid brass are good choices for indoor applications. Outdoors, however, you should consider locks made of less corrosive metals. Some locks also feature ceramic inserts for extra strength. For example, the Sargent & Greenleaf 951C is equipped with several types of inserts.

Sargent & Greenleaf 951-C

The Sargent & Greenleaf 952-C padlock is a high security padlock that offers superior security than its predecessor. Since 1857, this manufacturer has created advanced security solutions for a wide range of applications. Its products include safe locks, padlocks, and other security devices.

ABUS Granit series

ABUS Granit series padlocks are manufactured from hardened alloy steel and offer superior protection from manipulation and drill attempts. Unlike traditional lock designs, the cylinder is inserted into the padlock from the top, which provides maximum drill resistance. The body of the lock is coated with a cataphoresis coating to protect it from corrosion and rust.

ABUS 37RK/80

The ABUS 37RK/80 padlock is an excellent security option that will withstand the most rigorous applications. Its German-made construction conforms to the highest European security standards. The lock’s stainless steel construction is corrosion-resistant, and it features an ABUS Plus cylinder, which provides optimum security for various applications. It comes with one key that has LED lighting, and two other keys are standard. The lock also features a shackle guard for added protection.

ABUS 24/7

ABUS 24-hour is one of the world’s best padlocks. It is designed to be highly resistant to picking and has a CEN 6-ton tensile resistance. It is made of high-quality steel and has a re-keyable cylinder. Its shackle diameter is 15mm, making it much thicker than other locks in its class. Apple Valley Locksmith It is also designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

ABUS Nano-protect

The ABUS Nano-protect padlock features a hardened steel shackle and body. These components are chrome-plated and feature a NANO PROTECT coating for extreme corrosion resistance. Additionally, this lock comes with mushroom pins that prevent prying.

ABUS Granit

The ABUS GRANIT Plus Padlock has a shackle made of hard alloy steel and is able to offer optimum protection against manipulation. Its cylinder is inserted from the top of the lock, providing optimum drill resistance. Its components are rust-free, providing 40 years of corrosion protection.

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