5 Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences of adulthood, and it often comes with unexpected outcomes. Unfortunately, divorce may be your only option if you are not leading a happy and prosperous life with your partner. Still, it is both emotionally and financially challenging to go through a divorce. Even worse, most divorces also have traumatizing effects on your children.


While the last thing you want to do is decide that negatively impacts your children, continuing a toxic relationship can be even worse. Before you decide to go through with your divorce, let’s explore five questions you should consider.


Ask Yourself These Questions Before Filing for Divorce


Here is a list of five questions you should ask yourself before filing for divorce:


1.   Can You Live Happily Without Your Partner?


Relationships are often complicated. While it may seem like splitting up will lead to a better life, you should ask yourself an important question first. Will you be happier without your spouse?  Take some time to think about what life would be like on your own. Get a clear idea of what you want. While it’s never good to continue a loveless or toxic marriage, can you truly see yourself being happy living independently? Before you throw in the towel, take some time alone to consider all your options.


2.   Are There Serious Concerns Within Your Marriage?


People argue or disagree for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the problems with marriage are simply that one spouse isn’t willing to put in the work. Other times, one spouse merely has checked out. In more severe cases, mental, physical, verbal, or financial abuse exists. Communicate with your partner to determine whether your issues can be resolved or outside influences simply have you stressed. Are your concerns valid and troubling to the point that they can’t be fixed? If so, it’s time to end things.


3.   Is There Any Way to Save the Marriage?


Divorce is a big decision in life that has a lasting impact on your family. That’s why we always tell clients to think long and hard about whether there’s a way to save the marriage. Before you attempt to save the marriage, make sure you are both on the same page! Sit down with your partner to discuss your concerns. Consider going to a marriage counselor if you can’t have these discussions on your own.


4.   Can You Handle the Financial Impact of Divorce?


While you shouldn’t stay in an unhealthy marriage for finances alone, you need to consider if you can handle the impact. If you can’t, talk to your spouse about how to handle the changes together.


5.   How Will the Children Be Impacted?


If you do have children, divorce will likely affect them the most. While you shouldn’t stay in an unhappy marriage for your children, you need to consider your options. Can your kids handle the changes emotionally? How will it impact their relationships, school performance, extracurricular activities, and other areas of life? If you want to discuss your options with a compassionate Lancaster divorce lawyer, we’re here to help.

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