5 Different Sliding Glass Doors to Use in Your Home

When remodeling, building, or rebuilding your home, the backyard is one important factor to keep track of. An even more factor to keep track of is the entrance from your home to your backyard. The current trend for backdoors in our society is to have a sliding, glass backdoor that opens horizontally. They can be either mounted or suspended from a track to open and close. The different kinds of sliding doors can range from one sliding panel to 2 or even 4 sliding panels. They can also slide next to each other or fold up to create a doorway to the yard. But there are so many amazing and useful types of sliding doors.

Here are 5 different sliding glass doors that can and should be used in your home.

Bypass Doors

These types of doors are one of the easiest types of sliding glass doors that you can use in your home. These doors are panels that are hung next to each other on a track so that they can both be used freely. These doors became and are very common because it made it easy for bath and shower combinations to have all of the room needed as well as the proper coverage needed to protect the other areas of the bathroom from water. The doors, along with their glass versions in the bathroom, are also seen in rooms as wooden doors for the closet.

Pocket Sliding Doors

These kinds of doors are really convenient because they provide great coverage as a door as well as disappear from eye sight in a moment’s notice. These can be both glass and wood, but a glass look for these doors creates a very chic and beautiful look in your home.

Sliding Bi-Fold Doors

These doors, much like pocket sliding doors, can be both wood or glass, but look much more chic when made of glass instead of wood. But unlike pocket doors, they are seen at all times and can be very aesthetically pleasing when it comes to the look of the door in the space it is being used in.

Patio Sliding Doors

Patio sliding doors are one of the most common types of doors found in North American homes because of their look as well as accessibility to the home. These doors can be made of wood, glass, or a combination of wood and glass, with the glass versions of these doors being the most common. These doors are very comforting and beautiful in any home.

Sliding French Doors

These doors, much like patio sliding doors, are very common in North American homes and made up of similar materials. When made of all glass, these doors can be absolutely beautiful and perfect for the home. They are perfect for the people who want the beauty of french doors but do not have the room to have swinging doors into their yard.

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