4 Kinds of Glass That Should Be Used in Every Glass Shower

When designing and installing a new shower into your bathroom, you should make sure you are getting everything you want from a shower and the glass that will be keeping the water in. Whichever glass you end up choosing can severely make or break the design and flow of the home. Some like to have the most clear glass that is available to use or the most opaque glass possible to give the person in the shower the most privacy. There can also be the option to texture and tin your glass to add even more individuality to your bathroom and shower.

Here are 4 kinds of glass that should be used in every glass shower.

Clear Glass With Doors

This glass is the clearest that is possible, but does have a slight green tint to it because it is solid glass and glass naturally, when there is a lot of it, has a green tint. Clear glass works with almost every type of decor found in a bathroom, making it a very cohesive part to any room. It also is a timeless way to have a chic and beautiful shower. It also helps bring an insane amount of light into the bathroom and shower area so lights do not have to be used all the time. The doors to get into the shower are also made of the same kind of glass while having a handle and hinges, creating a very seamless and pretty shower space.

Frosted/Opaque Glass With Doors

This kind of glass and shower design is exactly the same as the clear glass design, except it is made up of glass that is not as easily seen through. It can help create a more cozy feel to the bathroom and make the room overall feel smaller, which can be more inviting. It also helps bring privacy to the shower space so anyone in the shower feels as if it is their own private area while they are cleaning up.

Tinted Glass With Doors

This type of glass, like the previous two, have the same design of the doors to the shower also having the same type of glass, but this kind of glass has its own special feature. It is possible to tint the glass to any color that your provider does have, to match with the decor of the bathroom and make the whole room feel more cohesive.

Rain Glass With Doors

Again, similar to the previous option, this type of glass offers the same design of the shower door being made up of the same glass. What makes this glass special is the fact that it is cut on one side to look as if there are raindrops on the glass. While this is a very artistic choice in glass for your bathroom, in some cases it can create a very home-like feeling and bring comfort to the space. It also helps create privacy because the cut in shapes of raindrops makes the glass much harder to see into, which is a major plus to this kind of glass.

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