3 Easy Solutions For Clogged Bathroom Drains

It’s always a nuisance when your water does not drain appropriately at your home or business. Working drains are one of the most critical elements of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, clogged drains are inevitable. Since there are many causes of drain clogs, it’s impossible to avoid this common plumbing issue entirely.


The good news is that most clogged drains can be quickly and easily fixed. Even if you need to hire a professional, drain cleaning is affordable if you address the issue immediately before significant damage occurs. In this article, we’ll discuss some easy at-home solutions to clear your drains fast!


3 Easy Solutions for Clogged Bathroom Drains


If you have a clogged drain in your bathroom, don’t panic! While your best bet is to contact a professional plumber for fast and effective service, here are some easy ways you can deal with clogged bathroom drains on your own.


1.   Use a Plunger


Believe it or not, plumbers aren’t only used to clear toilet clogs. A straightforward way to treat a clogged bathroom drain is by using a plunger. It is an extremely easy process. Simply add some water to your sink or bathtub and place the opening of the plunger over your drain. Use some force to plunge the drain until the water starts to pass through.


2.   Baking Soda and Vinegar


Baking soda and vinegar aren’t reserved for cooking! Another significant and effective DIY hack to free up your clogged drains is to use a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Prepare the mixture by combining one part baking soda with three parts vinegar. Pour the mixture down the drain and let it sit for at least an hour. The longer you leave the mixture, the more effective the treatment. When you’re ready, pour hot water down your drain. Check if the water passes through quickly.


If you don’t like the smell or don’t have any vinegar available, lemon juice is an excellent alternative. Simply replace the vinegar with lemon juice and follow the same instructions listed above.


3.   Drain Cleaners


There are several chemicals available in your local hardware store that can be used for drain cleaning. While this isn’t the best option to clean your drains, it can be used sparingly in an emergency. If you have older plumbing systems or frequent, you should avoid this method. That’s because using these harsh chemicals can damage your pipes over time.


Maintaining your bathroom and kitchen drains is an essential part of your household maintenance. The longer it takes to clean your drains, the more risk there is for further damage and costly repairs. Using simple, preventive measures, you can avoid more significant issues that cost a substantial amount of money in repairs. If your clogged drains have not been resolved with the DIY methods listed above, you need to call a local plumber immediately for repairs.


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