3 Different Buses That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

When looking into doing a fun trip with friends or family, it is important to know what kind of vehicle you will need in order to fulfill all of your needs. Different buses have different options for seating, amenities, storage, and what kind of distance they can travel. There are also different rental terms for each bus with every company. Each bus also has a specific capacity due to the limits of seats and safety regulations.


Here are 3 different buses that work for any occasion.


Charter Bus

These kinds of buses are used for larger groups of around 35 to 60 people. There are multiple sizes for these buses, but the most common and popular buses that are rented have 47 seats, 55 seats, and 56 seats. Common amenities that can be found in these busses are seats that recline, air conditioning, TVs and DVD players, air conditioning, and a restroom if you are really lucky. Certain buses can also have wi-fi and outlets when requested by the renter, but they are harder to come by. There is also an insane amount of storage under the main carriage and above the seats to hold luggage to help with safety in the main carriage and prevent tripping hazards. Most of these kinds of buses can move a large distance and because of the amenities, they are great for long trips in the state or across state lines.



These kinds of buses are used for smaller groups of 10 to 35 passengers. Like charter buses, there are multiple sizes for these buses and the most common ones that are requested are 18 seats, 20 seats, 25 seats. These buses have similar amenities to charter buses: air conditioning, reclining seats, TVs and DVD players. But they do lack a restroom since it is mainly used to travel smaller distances. Some newer models may also have wifi and power outlets for the travelers convenience. These buses also have a good amount of storage for luggage and other belongings that you may be traveling with. They are typically rented for more local trips and smaller trips all around, but can be used for long trips.


Party Bus

These buses are used primarily for entertainment purposes, being able to hold 10 to even 50 people. There is such a large variety of buses, but the most requested ones hold 14 people, 20 people, and 28 people. The variety in size in this kind of bus also allows for the space to have lots of room to move around, dance, and have fun. The amenities in this bus are a little different than the previous two. They have lounge style seating, fancy lighting and sound systems, as well as coolers for drinks, TVs, and air conditioning. These buses have storage in overhead bins or under the seats for personal belongings. These kinds of buses are also only really used for local travel and not long distances. If ever in need of a charter bus in your area for travel or fun, contact this Los Angeles charter bus company.

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